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Aug 29, 2022
In General Discussions
Hi Hi Hi! Brothers, NBA 2K23 is about to be released on September 9th, 2022. What a great day. And NBA 2K23 MT is the name of the currency we can use in that game. Have you played NBA 2K before? If you have played, you should know how important MT is to our upcoming games. Many active NBA players have their ratings changed in 2K, and their selling prices have changed with them. And if we want five players who are strong and have good chemistry together, we must have plenty of NBA 2K23 MT ready in advance. Think about it, if you don't use MT to buy players and items right after entering the game, are we going to be left behind by more prepared players? This taste is really bad. I'd rather spend some money to have my team at a relatively strong level. I've figured it out, I'll be buying a lot of NBA 2K23 MT through GameMS right away when NBA 2K23 comes out, due to its super fast shipping and ample stock, so, after a few minutes, my account will receive it. You can also do like me, which will greatly speed up your progress and improve your gaming experience. Let's wait and see now!
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